Manufactured Homeowners Policy

Madison Mutual offers coverage for owners and occupants of Manufactured homes (formerly referred to as mobile homes) in this program. Both single wide and double wide residences are eligible provided they are:

  • one family, owner occupied, manufactured homes; or
  • tenants (non-owner) of 1 family manufactured homes (ML-4)

Coverage Form and Age Limitations.
Optional property and liability endorsements or coverages are made available and you should contact your local agent/broker for details.


Age of Unit

Coverage Forms Available


0 - 7 years

ML-1R, ML-2, ML-3, ML-4, ML-8


8 - 15 years

ML-1R, ML-2, ML-4, ML-8


15 - 20 years

ML-1R, ML-8


Over 20 Years

Written on a standard fire policy.  Refer to the Dwelling Fire Section of the manual.


Manufactured homes with flat or arched/domed roofs are only eligible for coverage forms ML-1R or ML-8

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